Micro-mortar for filling by injection or pouring.

CABLEGROUT is a cement-based, single-component micro-mortar with excellent fluidity andno shrinkage. It is specially designed for implementing fillings by pouring or injecting into cavities,gaps, anchorings, fissures, etc.

Fields of application
Bolting to attach anchoring bolts in mining, galleries, tunnels and slope stabilisation. Back filling in tunnel coatings using keystones or segments excavated with a tunnelling machine. Filling sheaths and cables in post-tensioned elements. Injecting and filling fissures and cracks in the rocks. Attaching anchoring in plating and façade coatings. Bolting in rocks, tunnels and walls. Filling for structure base-plates. Injection under hollow concrete floorings. Injecting fissures in concrete. Filling and attaching keystones in tunnels. Consolidating land.
Perfect adherence to steel and concrete. The absence of chlorides and the high pH value, protect the anchored element from corrosion. No shrinkage. Controlled volume increase. Extraordinary fluidity, without segregation. High mechanical strength both at the start and at the end. Easy to apply by pouring, pumping or injecting.


Approximately 1,5 Kg to obtain 1 litre of mixed mortar


Bags. 20 Kg



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