Very low viscosity epoxy resin for injecting and sealing fissures.

BETOPOX® INYECCIÓN is solvent-free, two-component epoxy resin, with very low viscosity
and a great penetrating and adhering ability, designed for filling and injecting fissures, cracks and gaps in structural elements such as pillars, beams, walls or floors. It complies with the requirements of the EN 1504-5 standard. It has CE Marking 2+, for uses in building and civil engineering works of all kinds.

Fields of application
Injecting non-active fissures in structural concrete in beams, pillars, slabs, wrought iron, etc. Repairing and recovering the monolithic appearance of concrete structures in bridges, channels, water tanks, industrial structures, etc. Injecting or filling gaps in structural reinforcements. Reinforcing badly adhered elements. Anchoring bolts. Filling gaps between concrete and steel plating.
Very low viscosity. Great penetrating capacity in small fissures. Excellent adherence on all kinds of substrates such as concrete, wood, steel, brick, marble, granite, etc. It hardens without shrinkage. Solvent-free. Fissures can be treated when they are slightly wet. Impermeable to liquids and water vapour. High adherence and mechanical strengths. Excellent fluidity that facilitates gravity percolation of cracks in concrete with openings ≥ 0.1mm.


The estimated consumption of BETOPOX® INYECCIÓN is 1.0 kg/m2 and mm thickness. A kilogram of BETOPOX® INYECCIÓN fills approximately a volume of 1 litre.


Pre-metered units of 2 kg.



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