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PROPAM® 140 STANDARD is a non-shrink, self-levelling, cement-based mortar for filling and anchoring, made up of special cements, selected silica aggregates and admixtures. It complies with the requirements of standard EN 1504-6. It has CE Marking 2+, for uses in building and civil engineering works of all kinds.


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Fields of application

Filling beds and anchorings of all types of machinery, such as turbines, compressors, motors, alternators, paper machines, with the need for very high mechanical strength, and impact, vibration and fatigue strength. Attaching bolts and truss-out scaffolds. Repairing fissures and sealing through pipes. Anchoring crane and bridge crane rails. Precision filling for vertical or horizontal joints in concrete and steel wind turbines. Filling and anchoring for apparatus and track substrates in railway lines. Attaching beams and bridge decks. Assembling prefabricated concrete structures


SP technology, dust-free, favors a cleaner space and greater cleanliness of the work area. Protects the armor from corrosion. Excellent initial and final strength, with capacity to withstand very high static and dynamic loads. It guarantees the development of initial and final strength even at low temperatures (5 ºC). Excellent fluidity, thanks to its fine granulometry, means it can be easily injected, pumped or applied by pouring, and it is ideal for commissioning works with high responsibility. No shrinkage. The initial increase in volume guarantees complete filling, with bearing capacity over its full surface. Self-levelling and with a perfect surface finish. Resistant to oils and grease. Free of chlorides, organic matter and metallic aggregates which, together with its high pH, ensure protection against the corrosion of metal elements, anchorings, etc. Very high adherence to steel and concrete. Very compact, impermeable and resistant to freezing temperatures and gritting salts. It does not cause segregations or exudation. Withstands temperatures between -50 and +500 ºC. Excellent workability. Allows rapid removal of the formwork on track supports on railway lines.


Approximately 20 Kg/m2 y cm thickness



Bags. 25 Kg


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