Lime-based masonry mortar

REVAT® CAL MURO mortar is formulated on the basis of aerial lime, selected aggregates and additives, which give it very good workability properties and high breathability.

Fields of application
REVAT® CAL MURO is indicated for building and repairing walls, both in new projects and for restoring and refurbishing buildings, thanks to is compatibility with traditional systems and mortars. It is ideal for breathable grouting in old stone and brick masonry work.
Easy to apply and excellent adhesion. Manual application. It contains an addition of hydraulic binder less than 5% which gives the mortar greater initial strength and greater adhesion to substrate. Prolonged open time to rectify or adjust the stone masonry. High water vapour permeability, which enhance wall’s breathability. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.


The approximate amount of REVAT® CAL MURO used is 16 kg/m2 per cm thickness. 16 Kg/m2 cm Deficiencies in substrate flatness and type of finishing may alter product performance.


Bags 25 Kg.



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