Hydrofuged rendering mortar

Mortar on the basis of cement, lime, selected silica aggregates and additives, which afford it very good workability properties and great waterproofing.

Fields of application
General masonry tasks: brickwork, plastering, renderings, patios, garages, etc. For rehabilitation or doubtful adhesion substrates consult our Technical Department. It improves the characteristics of traditional mortars and is also prepared for use with a spraying machine. At the same time, it can receive any other type of finish, obtaining decorative finishes.
Impermeable to rain water. Permeable to water vapor to prevent condensation. It is applied directly to the building enclosure. applicable up to 20 mm Easy to apply. Good fluidity in spraying machine. Accepts any kind of finish (smooth, floated, swirled, Austrian-rococo-stucco, etc.).


23 kg/m2 Per cm thickness Deficiencies in substrate flatness and type of finishing may alter product performance.


Bags 25 Kg.


Gris | Blanco

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