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Propamsa has a wide selection of lasting solutions for pavements ranging from self-levelling ones, for regular, flat floors, including screeds, and finishes with different materials and primers. A great range of technical mortars that adjust to all kinds of needs.

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Pavements or floors are exposed to the constant traffic of people and vehicles, and so it is essential to choose and maintain them correctly to guarantee good conditions. Also, the innovation and trends in decoration and design mean they are also changing constantly; an aspect that is covered with the Propamsa solutions.

So, we have a wide range of products and solutions for pavements that guarantee optimum results, as well as repairing and improving their condition easily, efficiently and with long-lasting effect. Self-levelling, screeds, primers and finishes, each with different solutions depending on the problem in hand, both for indoor and outdoor environments.

For example, the self-levelling ones smooth the concrete, mortar and even ceramic tile pavements and reinforce them for each kinds of finishes like PVC, ceramic tiles, carpet, wood, floating floors, paint, etc. For their part, screeds can repair surfaces that have been worn out over time or create new formations in the pavement, as in the case of creating slopes on patios or car park entrances. Equally, we have specialist mortars for industrial floors that require high mechanical strength, or garages with high volumes of vehicle traffic.

The same happens with pavements exposed to aggressive cleaning solutions, like garages, basements or industrial plants, which usually have very intense activity and need a finish solution that protects them, making them more robust and long-lasting.