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The range of adhesives and ceramic tile fixing has a wide range of solutions and products for use indoors and outdoors, and which allow fixing ceramic tiles with or without absorption, on any kind of surface and coatings: cement or concrete slabs, underfloor heating, natural and artificial stone, cement block, brick, fresh mortar and even plaster, plasterboard and anhydrite supports, as well as many other applications Also, one outstanding feature is the innovative organic, dust-free line with maximum workability, which is ideal for large size ceramic tiles.

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Pavements or floors are exposed to the constant movement of people and vehicles, so their correct choice and maintenance are essential to guarantee their good conditions. In addition, innovation and trends in decoration and design make them also an object of permanent change; an aspect that does not go unnoticed among Propamsa solutions.

Thus, we have a wide range of products and solutions for flooring that allow us to guarantee an optimal result, in addition to repairing and improving its condition in a simple, efficient and lasting way. Levelers, screeds, primers and finishes, each of them with different solutions depending on the problem to be treated, both for interior and exterior environments.

For example, levelers make it possible to smooth concrete, mortar and even ceramic floors and reinforce them for all types of finishes such as PVC, ceramic, carpet, wood, laminated flooring, paint, etc. The screeds, for their part, allow the repair of surfaces worn out by the passage of time or make new formations in the pavement, as is the case of making slopes on terraces or entrances to car parks. Likewise, we have specialized mortars for industrial floors that require high mechanical resistance or garages with high vehicle traffic.

The same happens with pavements exposed to aggressive cleaning solutions, like garages, basements or industrial plants, which usually have very intense activity and need a finish solution that protects them, making them more robust and long-lasting.