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The line of lime coatings by Propamsa includes a whole series of lime mortars that adapt to different surfaces according to the needs of the professionals. They all share their high breathability and easy handling, which makes any kind of work easier and more agile.


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In the case of lime coatings, the Technical Building Code (TBC) brings the suitability of applying lime mortars up-to-date, as they satisfactorily comply with the Basic Documents HS1 (protection against humidity) and HS3 (indoor air quality) This is due to the fact that using lime as a binder, gives mortars a bioclimatic capacity, by allowing the wall to breathe thanks to their high water vapour permeability, which improves comfort and the indoor air quality, while waterproofing against rain water.

With these premises, Propamsa has devised the Revat Cal system mortars, which are characterised by their impermeability to rain water and being highly breathable and permeable to water vapour. These are essential features in restoration work on old walls, and they are highly resistant to attacks by salts in the wall, and their mechanical and elastic characteristics highly compatible with the traditional materials used in the original construction.

Also, they have very good workability and creamy texture, and they are useful for applying both inside and outside. So, Propamsa has managed to develop the ideal solution to prolong the durability of old buildings, even those which have historical and artistic value, built with stone, brick or volcanic tuff, providing natural finishes with great aesthetic quality.

And there is more, as there are also lime stuccoes for decorative finishes inside and outside, which imitate traditional coatings. It includes Revat Cal Tradicional, Revat Cal Estuco and Revat Cal Fino.