Cementos Molins

PROPAMSA within the Cementos Molins group, an alliance between two leading companies to improve the construction sector.

Since 1932, when we started, with the launch of PAM, the market’s first tile cement, PROPAMSA has become known for providing an innovative slant to the construction sector.

In 1990, PROPAMSA joined Cementos Molins, a decisive step in its history that supported the company’s potential and improvement, expansion and future growth possibilities. This way, PROPAMSA became part of a great, consolidated company both in the national and international market.

So, the alliance between the two companies led to PROPAMSA’s expansion, thanks to the investment in research labs, new facilities and the combination of our technical knowledge.

Today, PROPAMSA is a leading company in the production sector of adhesive mortars, single layer mortars and special mortars, and it has more than 85 years’ market experience innovating products and solutions for construction. Also, since 2010, when BETEC was added, it has entered the market of special products, offering a 360° service to professionals in the construction sector.

Precisely, Cementos Molins, the group PROPAMSA belongs to, started as a family company in 1928. Sharing those innovative values that stand for sustainable and healthy constructions, it has consolidated its position as a leading player in the construction materials industry.

Propamsa is a company of the Grupo Cementos Molins, an expert in innovative solutions for healthy construction.

  • Closeness
  • Trust
  • Quality
  • Commitment
  • Experts

proximity, our differential value

The strategic location of our factories and facilities enables us to stand out, thanks to the proximity service we offer our clients, and our expedient supply service.

However, this proximity is not just in physical terms; our vocation is also to provide a personalised service, with telephone assistance, and including the transport and the technical assistance service by our specialists and commercial team. Therefore, it is about offering physical proximity, and also human and emotional support.

sustainability, our standard

At a time when commitment to environmental sustainability and to the whole environment around us has finally gained the recognition it deserves, PROPAMSA is focusing on different basic principles of economic, environmental and social sustainability, defined expressly by Cementos Molins.

  • Guarantee our competitiveness and long-term sustainable economic profitability, promoting comprehensive and responsible management of the value chain.
  • To minimise the environmental impact of all our activities, promoting production efficiency, and optimising the use of natural resources.
  • To maximise creating shared value with our interest groups, promoting the development and improved quality of life for society as a whole.

focused on healthy construction

PROPAMSA focuses all its efforts on developing products that contribute to improving healthy, sustainable construction for the whole value chain.

  • The increase in building energy efficiency
  • The increased useful life of the products and construction solutions.
  • Reducing the use of energy resources during manufacturing and applying the materials.
  • The increased safety and health of its employees, clients and society as a whole.

So, throughout these years, PROPAMSA has been clear that people and the environment are at the centre of its growth and development strategy, giving priority to sustainability and quality as its priority goals. The fact that it belongs to a group like Cementos Molins has made it easier to focus fully on these values which are in PROPAMSA’s DNA: innovation, proximity and sustainability.

Externally endorsed quality

Propamsa endorses its products with the most prestigious quality seals, as it works closely with Technological Centres, Official Laboratories and Entities and Associations that test and assess the quality of them all.

facilities and human team

  • Propamsa has a multi-disciplinary and highly qualified R+D+i team, who are constantly receiving training and evolving, so they can develop the innovative products the market needs.
  • Our main R+D+i centre located in our centre in Sant Vicenç dels Horts (Barcelona) is fitted with state-of-the-art technology needed to develop and control product quality, following European and national rules that enable our products to comply with the demands of CE marking for construction products.
  • These developments and innovations are also applied within the industrial area, leading us to include new technologies in our facilities, which allows us to manufacture products with maximum standards of quality.

certifying bodies