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Propamsa has solutions in cement and resin fillings and anchorings. Even for using metallic elements in concrete, like injections created specially for filling fissures, cavities and gaps.

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To anchor prefabricates, heavy machinery and other metallic objects in concrete supports, it is necessary to use mortars with very specific technical characteristics. And for this type of activities, solutions like Propam Grout are needed, with high mechanical properties, compensated retraction, fluid consistency and good adherence, so that it can adapt perfectly to the irregularities of the container where the metallic element will be housed, ensuring its stability.

Apart from Propam Grout, there are also other epoxy-based resin mortars specially designed for filling, fixing and anchoring different elements. These are polyvalent solutions like Betopox Anchorings, Propam NF Poli or Propam Vinyl that guarantee optimum results – some of them even for Do It Yourself projects.

Equally, Propamsa has specific solutions with excellent fluidity and without retraction, for filling by pouring or injecting cavities, gaps, anchors, fissures, etc. Whether it is for aggressive environments, large thicknesses or micro-injections, we have the appropriate product.

All our solutions for fillings, anchorings and injections, either cement or resin based, comply with the necessary technical requirements and with the current ruling in sustainability issues.