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For façades, Propamsa has single layer mortars and coatings that cover all kinds of smooth or rough surfaces with different supports: brick, thermal clay, cement block, concrete, aerated concrete, stone and even acrylic. It also has solidifying and water repellent products.

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When it comes to façades, thanks to the sector’s technological development, it is worth highlighting the important market presence of single layer mortars, which has led to developing outside façade coatings, overcoming the simplicity of traditional mortars finished with paint.

The advantages of single layer mortars lie in their industrial manufacturing, which means they can be supplied ready to use; they can be applied easily directly to the enclosure, without plastering first, and this leaves a smooth façade after just one operation; and the guarantee of their manufacturing controls and high durability, which mean they can be used both in new and rehabilitation projects for different uses (detached or collective homes and non-residential buildings).

So, they protect buildings from the weather leaving an aesthetical and lasting finish, over time, as the main attributes, together with quick, easy application, which saves time and money.

Propamsa therefore has a wide range of single layer mortars for coating façades both inside and outside, all subject to current rulings, which guarantees their quality and the efficiency of the professionals who choose solutions aimed at making their work easier and better.