PROPAM® Aisterm TERM 50

Solidity, compactness and optimum insulation, all in your façade

This insulation system is much more than just that, as it also acts as a real skin adhered to the building façade, and therefore it is ideal for façades with curved designs and non-flat supports. This mortar provides optimum thermal and also acoustic insulation, giving the envelope strength and compactness. Therefore, we are talking about a bespoke skin for the building where it is used, easy to apply and also impermeable to rain water.


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Objeto BIM - Term 50

main advantages

  • The system that acts like a true skin adhered to the façade.
  • The thermal-insulating mortar provides lightweight and optimum thermal and acoustic insulation with reaction to fire (A2). It does not contribute to the fire load and has high impact strength.
  • Indicated for façades with curved designs and supports with serious flatness defects.
REVAT® PLASInsulator: Propam TERM 50ETE/DIT: REVAT® PLAS SLXInsulator: Propam TERM 50ETE/DIT:

system characteristics

  • It provides strength and compactness to the thermal enclosure.
  • Easy to apply, machine spraying, high impermeability, high breathability, joint-free insulation, eliminate bonding primers, capacity for acoustic insulation.
  • Solid and compact insulating system that adapts to the irregularity of the envelope. The true skin tailored to the thermal enclosure.

insulator: Propam TERM 50

Very low density mortar that acts as continuous thermal insulation on the outside.
Applied to façades, under the roof, bases, window frames, etc.
Classified according to UNE-EN 998-1 as T1 – CSI – W1.
Thermal conductivity of 0.05 W/m·K.

products making up the system

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