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Your façade insulated and also protected in damp environments

Propam Aisterm Impe is the system indicated for providing insulation in damp environments, and so we are talking about a product that protects the façade from damp while also increasing the thermal comfort of the home. It is very resistant to atmospheric agents and microorganisms, which increases its ability to protect the envelope. Resistant to water and cold temperatures.

main advantages

  • The system indicated to provide a thermal insulation solution for envelopes in damp environments.
  • Façades protected against humidity while maintaining thermal comfort. Permeable to water vapour.
REVAT® PLASInsulator: XPSETE/DIT: ETE 09/005


system characteristics

  • Indicated for new project and rehabilitation. Ideal for damp environments and façade bases, on XPS panels.
  • High resistance against microorganisms. 
  • High fissure propagation strength.
  • Great thermal insulation capacity and resistant to atmospheric agents.

insulator: XPS panel

Extruded polystyrene panel.
Complies with EN 13164.
Format: 1,250 x 600 mm.
Thickness: 30 to 200 mm.
Finish: without extrusion skin.
Thermal conductivity: 0.034 W/mK
Density 30-40 kg/m3.
Absorption water: ≤0.7%.
Compression strength: 300 kPa

products making up the system

Propamsa EIF systems

Enjoy the comfort that produces the best insulation

Maximum comfort with a finer final thickness on your façade

Insulate your building thermally and from outside noise

Your façade insulated and also protected in damp environments

Solidity, compactness and optimum isolation

Ceramic coating as final finish


The most natural and sustainable finish for the EIF façade

Your façade protected against knocks, impacts and humidity

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