Ceramics can also be used in façades with insulation on the outside.

Propam Aisterm Ceram is a system that satisfies the requirements of lightweight insulation, but with a ceramic tile cladding as coating, which provides an aesthetic touch to the façades while also protecting them with the insulating, waterproofing skin. It has a wide range of ceramic tile formats for choosing the one best suited to each dwelling, as well as high resistance to any external knocks or impacts.


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Objeto BIM - Ceram

main advantages

  • This system satisfies the requirements of lightweight insulation, but with a ceramic tile cladding as a coating, therefore favouring aesthetic diversity.
  • Wide range of formats and types of parts to choose from: classic, contemporary and large-size.
  • It maximises resistance to impacts and non-vandalism of external origin.

CERAMIC TILEInsulator: EPS, XPS, EPS GraphiteETE/DIT: DIT 609R/21*

*Consult permitted weights and formats in DIT 609R/21.

system characteristics

  • High resistance to knocks and impacts.
  • High resistance to atmospheric agents.
  • It does not contribute to the fire load.
  • The surface coating lasts longer and it is waterproof, resistant and has low maintenance.
  • Water vapor permeability.

Propamsa EIF systems


Enjoy the comfort of the best insulation

Comfort +

Maximum comfort with a finer final thickness on your façade


Insulate your building thermally and from outside noise


Your façade insulated and also protected in damp environments

Mineral insulator

Solidity, compactness and optimum isolation

Ceramic finish

Ceramic coating as final finish

Smooth finish

Insulate your building and at the same time gain in silence


Your façade protected against knocks, impacts and humidity