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At Propamsa we want to be allies to the companies specialising in building rehabilitation, through our Propam®  Aisterm system, and all the technical assistance we offer them to make their work easier and more agile. We accompany them throughout the process.

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Propamsa EIF systems


Enjoy the comfort of the best insulation

Comfort +

Maximum comfort with a finer final thickness on your façade


Insulate your building thermally and from outside noise


Your façade insulated and also protected in damp environments

Mineral insulator

Solidity, compactness and optimum isolation

Ceramic finish

Ceramic coating as final finish

Smooth finish

Insulate your building and at the same time gain in silence


Your façade protected against knocks, impacts and humidity


bedec - itec

Objeto BIM - Confort

Objeto BIM - Confort+

Objeto BIM - Acústico

Objeto BIM - Impermeable

Objeto BIM - Aislante mineral

Objeto BIM - Acabado cerámico

Objeto BIM - Acabado liso

Objeto BIM - Anti impacto

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advantages of the Propamsa EIF system

We accompany you from start to finish…

Our co-operation service in your projects starts from the idea of the project, and continues through project start up, implementation and the final delivery.

Variety of systems according to needs

Technical assistance and project follow-up

Wide range of colours, textures and finishes

Warranty and durability

management of IDAE funding

At Propamsa we want to be your travelling companions in this paradigm shift that buildings are going to experience in the next few years, as they move on from being energy devourers in cities to becoming energy-sustainable constructions.

We have agreements with companies specialising in managing the funding for these energy rehabilitation projects, so as to save companies time in processing this and to reduce their work load, so that they just need to concentrate on the project.

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