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greater comfort and economic saving

We provide solutions to your needs for comfort.

Propamsa’s thermal insulation solution for façades is also intended for private concerns, as this way families can have better thermal comfort in their homes, both in winter and summer, and with a significant economic saving in their electricity bill.

advantages of the Propamsa EIF system

Advice in technical management

A thermal insulation system on the outside is the best solution for ensuring a comfortable home at any time of the year.

  • Economic and energy savings

  • Revaluate your home

  • Less humidity at home (it avoids humidity)

  • Improved comfort (greater comfort and quality of life)

  • It does not reduce the useful surface

  • Environmentally friendly

management of IDAE funding

The thermal insulation surrounds the building façades so as to protect them against inclement weather such as cold temperatures, rain, ice, humidity and heat. This way, it keeps homes warm in the winter and fresh in the summer by insulating the walls, and avoiding unnecessary energy waste.

At Propamsa, we have a network of rehabilitation and construction companies to advise you and implement your project. Also, we work with specialists who will help you manage the grants system.

solutions in EIF

Propamsa EIF systems



Enjoy the comfort that produces the best insulation


Ceramic also has a place in facades with insulation on the outside


The most natural and sustainable finish for the EIF façade


Enjoy the comfort that produces the best insulation

Maximum comfort with a finer final thickness on your façade

Insulate your building thermally and from outside noise

Your façade insulated and also protected in damp environments

Solidity, compactness and optimum isolation

Ceramic coating as final finish


The most natural and sustainable finish for the EIF façade

Your façade protected against knocks, impacts and humidity

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