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Propamsa offers a wide range of insulation systems that are made up of a great range of products: mortars, nets, sections, attachment dowels, insulation panels, and others… The star products is the Propam Aisterm system, a complete solution available in several finishes, which reduces energy and heat waste in the home by at least 30%, therefore improving comfort and reducing energy consumption.

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Enjoy the comfort of the best insulation

Comfort +

Maximum comfort with a finer final thickness on your façade


Insulate your building thermally and from outside noise


Your façade insulated and also protected in damp environments

Mineral insulator

Solidity, compactness and optimum isolation

Ceramic finish

Ceramic coating as final finish

Smooth finish

Insulate your building and at the same time gain in silence


Your façade protected against knocks, impacts and humidity

advantages of the Propamsa EIF system

  • Economic and energy savings
  • Reduction of thermal bridging
  • Reduced risk of humidity
  • Improved comfort and quality of life
  • It does not reduce the useful surface
  • Protection for the building structure against atmospheric agents.
  • Variety of systems according to needs
  • Wide range of colours, textures and finishes

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“Gran variedad de materiales para la construcción”

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“Producto de gran calidad, buen servicio rápido y serio”

Rocío Crespo

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Thermal insulation is one of the main concerns in building and rehabilitation today, as we find ourselves in a scenario where energy is progressively getting more expensive and it has been proved that buildings are the main energy devourers in cities. In fact, energy consumption in dwellings represents 20% of the country’s whole consumption. 

Therefore, with this scenario, where also, climate protection is a priority, we must urgently provide thermal protection for buildings, since thermal insulation systems save at least 30%, which also has a positive impact on citizens’ pockets.  

Also, to improve the energy efficiency of the building stock, Propamsa has designed the Propam Aisterm solution. An outside thermal insulation system (EIF), certified by the Instituto Torroja by means of the European Technical Suitability Document (ETSD) and a European Technical Approval Document (ETAD) offering different types of insulation (EPS, XPS, rockwool) and finishes (single layer mortars, acrylic mortars or ceramic tiles). 

The main advantage of this outside insulation solution is that it reduces the thermal bridging in construction, which minimises the energy waste by reducing the energy exchange between the inside and outside. This system therefore means a pleasant temperature can be maintained in the building at any time of the year. Also, as it is an outside intervention, it does not reduce the space inside the home and neither does it interrupt its habitability during installation.  

Therefore, a solution which allows Propamsa to also guarantee comfort in people’s homes, as well as promoting energy and money savings, and protecting the environment -and avoiding the abuse of thermostats.