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Structures combining steel and concrete are one of the most widely used construction solutions present in most buildings. Propamsa has solutions that protect and repair both elements in a comprehensive treatment, thixotropic or fluid mortars, even for aggressive environments, rebar treatment, corrosion inhibitors and bonding primers for improved adherence.

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Although many reinforced concrete structures have no problems, it is important to remember that concrete, like any material, does age and so appropriate maintenance is essential. Corrosion or carbonation and subsequent fissures are some of the main causes of its degradation.

In this respect, repairing concrete includes five basic operations ranging from sanitising the concrete and steel surface, to protecting the rebar (passivator, corrosion inhibiter), bonding primer, filling with a repair mortar and protecting the final surface with an aesthetic mortar and protective finishing paint.

To carry out this repair and protection treatment, at Propamsa we have a complete range of quality products that enable re-establishing the concrete’s aesthetic and structural features, therefore guaranteeing its durability by prolonging its maintenance.

In this range, we have mortars that are used for repairing and plastering concrete, mortars for repairing structures such as stairways, columns, façades, or for aesthetic repairs of prefabricated parts. We also have protective coatings or products, inhibitors, anti-corrosion products, which are essential in these structures that tend to rust as they are exposed to the weather. With the Propamsa solutions, it is possible to rehabilitate elements that have become rusty because of carbonation or corrosion due to freezing-thawing cycles, aggressive environments, environmental contamination, etc.

The advantage of Propamsa solutions is that they can be used on both outside and inside elements, and they adhere well to concrete and harden quickly. They are resistant to water and weather, which makes them ideal for these jobs, as they have the perfect characteristics for repairing concrete efficiently. We even have specialised products within this range, called TECHNO, which resolve several steps at once from treating reinforced concrete, rebar passivation, to repair and protection.

Therefore, we are talking about a wide, versatile range, with products for each specific case of concrete repair, which means obtaining great results easily.