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Tipo Obra Civil: Industrial

Propamsa Solutions: Technology applied to construction

Explore the different Solutions and Applications, find Civil Works Solutions, from infrastructure works, road works, industrial construction solutions, to aeronautical works.

In all Solutions, you will discover the contribution of our experts, who will help you understand step by step how to proceed to obtain the best results and perfect finishes. Explore our Solutions and Applications, you will also find the best recommendations to correctly apply all Propamsa Products.

You will also find Applications in different types of Buildings, with the different requirements of each sector. We offer solutions in residential, public, commercial and sports buildings.

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At Propamsa, we want to offer you comprehensive solutions for construction, no matter the sector you are in or the type of building you build. Our commitments and values always lead us to investigate and innovate in products and solutions for a world that requires respectful construction, both with the environment and with people.

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