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As well as fixing ceramic tiles, at Propamsa we also have a range for sealing joints. These are very resistant sealing solutions, easy to apply, maintain and clean, and they are even specially designed for contact in aggressive environments.

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In this section it is important to take different aspects into account which will determine the solution to use in each case. Including joint grouting of ceramic stone tiles, which recently has been associated with the “quality finish” symbol. In this case, Propamsa suggests using its Borada Porcelánica solution to fill the joints easily, ensuring maximum adherence to the tile surface and high mechanical performance and abrasion strength.

For joint grouting anti-acid joints on surfaces that are in contact with chemical products, aggressive cleaning agents, acids or solvents, we need joints with special characteristics like airtightness or strength, a solution provided by Borada Epoluxe, whose components harden through chemical reaction without losing volume.

For cementitious joints, Propamsa suggests first noting the type of surface, as rustic stoneware, for example, generally has a rough surface which hinders cleaning, and fired clay or terracotta requires a previous protection treatment. From greater to finer thickness or anti-mould effect, different solutions could be used in each case: Borada Universal, Borada Porcelánica and Borada Plus respectively.

The same solutions that Propamsa recommends also for swimming pool joints, where the aesthetical quality is conditioned both by correctly applying the ceramic tile coating and the fixing joints. In swimming pools with very demanding conditions, Propamsa offers Boralastic with Borada Porcelánica or Borada Universal, or the joint resistant to saline chlorination BORADA EPOLUXE.